Sunday, November 6, 2011


I found these moths on the window sill of my new cottage. They were too beautiful to just throw out. I had to photograph them first.

Animal totems, another favourite subject of mine...

As a creature of the night, and by her navigational devices, we see the moth is highly influenced by the power of the moon. This aspect ties in with animal symbolism of intuition, and psychic awareness.

More on moths as totems here.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Art Every Day #2

Making mandalas is one of my fave things to do. I found this super-useful tut over at Earth Mandalas and fell in love with them straight away.

I used this pic and photoshop to make this Palm Mandala. I love how their spikey green leaves look exotic against a blue sky. They always have this lazy holiday feel to them.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Art Every Day Month 2011

I've wanted to participate in a 365 type-project but there's no guarantee that I'll stick to it. I saw AEDM and remembered how sorry I've been in previous years to have 'missed out.'

I know I'll be enjoying my camera again soon, now that I've finally moved. The settling in part is taking longer than expected though...

I can't actually believe I'm here *pinch* Living in the country again. With my horse munching grass in the barn, my dogs sleeping on the couch. This is country living :)

So, to kick off a rather rushed start to Art Every Day Month 2011... this is Velvette in the gorgeous afternoon light. The sun was setting when my Lab plonked herself down and smiled when I mentioned the 'S' word (SWIM) - one of her favourite things.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Riding a giraffe

I've discovered a great horsey community over at Neigh-Bours, a cool EQUINE social networking site for us horse-mad types. I've also set up a li'l blog over there. Honestly, you'd be forgiven for thinking I am a serial blogger, but that really isn't the case. Yesterday was interesting for this reason. While you're taking a look around the site, keep an eye open for one of my PetPawtrait Giveaways. Sign up as a member, and start blogging, we all think our horses are quirky, so share their eccentricities with other horse lovers. It's a great community. Go look.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Goose pimples in the spring sunshine

Today was one of those beautiful days - sunny, blue-skied and filled with music. It was also serendipitous in the most delightful way. What now feels like a long, long time ago, I blogged about Alwyn Hewson. I think about him and his family often. Even now, two years later, one of them will pop into my thoughts. I've continued to wonder how his wife and kids were doing... and today was the day I found out. We were picnicing at the Walter Sisulu Gardens when I noticed a red-headed boy running past me clutching a dirty, stuffed toy dog by the ear. Boyfriend Ben's son (also a red head) ran off with him. When none of them returned, I went looking for the boys. The teenage girl taking care of the red-head turned out to be Alwyn's daughter and Liam was the baby I'd last seen three years ago. Alwyn's wife, Daryl, was nearby and we had a goose-pimple, warm hugging reunion. That was when she told me that the post I'd written so long ago had been discovered by her brother who lived in the States and distributed through their family. She thanked me because it meant so much to them all. This left me trying to swallow the huge lump in my throat. Standing there in the warm spring sunshine I was filled with goose bumps. Boyfriend Ben poined out how something I'd written had touched people, some of which I don't even know.

This made me realise the power of writing. That sometimes you just have to write, the reason you're doing it is less important.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

yearning for spring

I have roses blooming outside my front door.
It's still really bone-achingly cold.
I'm hoping it'll be over soon...
The delicate fragrance of these flowers
suggest the promise of spring

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lucky Me

A beautiful gift from a beautiful friend. I spotted hers hanging around her neck and immediately wanted one for myself. She plopped the gorgeous Jenna Clifford bag in my lap a few weeks later and there it was, my very own angel's signature - sterling silver feather. I LOVE IT!!!