Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Smells like...?

A New Year!

My word for 2009 is CREATE.
Resolutions include: healthy eating, regular riding, more fun, more dog walks...
and CREATing beautiful things ; )
Choosing creative pursuits over the mundane and showcasing my talent = challenging, cobbled together with intention will be the way to go.
Here's to a spectacular year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Immigration issue

Friends of mine are leaving for New Zealand soon, and chose to re-home their Jack Russell... Of course, this was not a decision which was easily made, but luckily in this instance, a friend offered the dog a lovely home.

Managed from the beginning, this traumatic experience can be made a little easier with some foresight:
1. The most important thing to do is to tell the animals what is happening. Explain, as you would to a child, what is taking place and where they will be going. They will pick up on the energy in the household, and this can be confusing if they are kept in the dark regarding the sudden changes.
2. Send them mental pictures of where they will be in future so that they know what to expect. This might be with a new family, or crated in the airplane, or at kennels.
3. Remember to also send a feeling of love from your heart. You will always be connected to the animals who have shared their lives with you. Distance or death does not weaken this link.

The power of your intention cannot be underestimated.
4. INTEND for your animals to find a good home, or to travel safely to their new destination.
Hold this intention within your body, you can send it out to the Universe at any time.
5. Being worried and concerned is natural, but focusing on the negative energy is not useful, animals are very erceptive and pick this up.

Planning ahead
5. We introduced the Russell to his new dog and human friends, first on neutral ground, and then slowly onto the property. Over a period of several days, he visited his new home and became familiar with the people and the place he would sleep. This makes for an almost stress-free transition.
6. We gave him some Rescue Remedy, mixed with some other Bach Flowers to curb separation anxiety, as well as Walnut to help with the change.
7. His bed, unwashed and with familiar smells, was sent along with a packet of food, collar and blanket and medication.

Energy Healing
8. you can send Distanced Healing (Reiki) long before the event to ensure that eveything flows smoothly. You can ask for healing to flow to all the individuals, as wellas to the situation.

It is important to try and make the change as easy as possible, for all parties concerned, and then to ensure that the new animal settle as soon as possible.

Understand that they will miss their friends and their old home, but with some familiar toys, an old jersey from their favourite human and Bach Flower Remedies to suit the personality of the pet being rehomed, the stres can be greatly minimized.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The silly season


They say you should never work with animals and children – I have no idea why... These perfect models are related to me - pity I've chopped off some feet and fingers. This was the only one in the series which looked serious and a bit ridiculous at the same time.

Kama, the Boxer, taking her job seriously, Caden at 7mths experiencing his first Christmas, and Bronwyn, my sister pulling a non-mom face!

Here's wishing you and your family, furry and otherwise, a ridiculous and restful festive season.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Tis the season to...


New Year's Resolution #1 - To be more like my dog. To at least follow her lead when it comes to important issues like sleeping – deeply, and in the sun.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Being in possession of the ball


When you're a Labrador, it's important to have your priorities straight. Easy when you only have three: swim, play and eat.

I guess another lesson to be learnt from my dog - KISS (with a side helping of dog slobber!)

Keeping it simple and focusing on only a couple of priorities, or in Lab-Speak, not taking your eye off the ball.