Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Smells like...?

A New Year!

My word for 2009 is CREATE.
Resolutions include: healthy eating, regular riding, more fun, more dog walks...
and CREATing beautiful things ; )
Choosing creative pursuits over the mundane and showcasing my talent = challenging, cobbled together with intention will be the way to go.
Here's to a spectacular year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Immigration issue

Friends of mine are leaving for New Zealand soon, and chose to re-home their Jack Russell... Of course, this was not a decision which was easily made, but luckily in this instance, a friend offered the dog a lovely home.

Managed from the beginning, this traumatic experience can be made a little easier with some foresight:
1. The most important thing to do is to tell the animals what is happening. Explain, as you would to a child, what is taking place and where they will be going. They will pick up on the energy in the household, and this can be confusing if they are kept in the dark regarding the sudden changes.
2. Send them mental pictures of where they will be in future so that they know what to expect. This might be with a new family, or crated in the airplane, or at kennels.
3. Remember to also send a feeling of love from your heart. You will always be connected to the animals who have shared their lives with you. Distance or death does not weaken this link.

The power of your intention cannot be underestimated.
4. INTEND for your animals to find a good home, or to travel safely to their new destination.
Hold this intention within your body, you can send it out to the Universe at any time.
5. Being worried and concerned is natural, but focusing on the negative energy is not useful, animals are very erceptive and pick this up.

Planning ahead
5. We introduced the Russell to his new dog and human friends, first on neutral ground, and then slowly onto the property. Over a period of several days, he visited his new home and became familiar with the people and the place he would sleep. This makes for an almost stress-free transition.
6. We gave him some Rescue Remedy, mixed with some other Bach Flowers to curb separation anxiety, as well as Walnut to help with the change.
7. His bed, unwashed and with familiar smells, was sent along with a packet of food, collar and blanket and medication.

Energy Healing
8. you can send Distanced Healing (Reiki) long before the event to ensure that eveything flows smoothly. You can ask for healing to flow to all the individuals, as wellas to the situation.

It is important to try and make the change as easy as possible, for all parties concerned, and then to ensure that the new animal settle as soon as possible.

Understand that they will miss their friends and their old home, but with some familiar toys, an old jersey from their favourite human and Bach Flower Remedies to suit the personality of the pet being rehomed, the stres can be greatly minimized.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The silly season


They say you should never work with animals and children – I have no idea why... These perfect models are related to me - pity I've chopped off some feet and fingers. This was the only one in the series which looked serious and a bit ridiculous at the same time.

Kama, the Boxer, taking her job seriously, Caden at 7mths experiencing his first Christmas, and Bronwyn, my sister pulling a non-mom face!

Here's wishing you and your family, furry and otherwise, a ridiculous and restful festive season.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Tis the season to...


New Year's Resolution #1 - To be more like my dog. To at least follow her lead when it comes to important issues like sleeping – deeply, and in the sun.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Being in possession of the ball


When you're a Labrador, it's important to have your priorities straight. Easy when you only have three: swim, play and eat.

I guess another lesson to be learnt from my dog - KISS (with a side helping of dog slobber!)

Keeping it simple and focusing on only a couple of priorities, or in Lab-Speak, not taking your eye off the ball.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not so dark after all

.Spending a night in the "real" countryside, I looked up and gasped with delight...the inky blackness of the night sky was encrusted with the milky way. I can't remember how long it's been since I last tilted my head back and swiveled 360 degrees to take that sight in. Suburbia living ensures that the pin-prick light of the stars is swallowed by the glow of city lights. Funny how, in this time of "enlightenment" I long for the dark...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What animal lovers have known all along...

“I’m incredulous at how much stuff is coming out all the time on animal emotions and the general rubric of animal cognition. We’re rewriting our stereotypes about animals with good scientific data,” says Marc Bekoff, a professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. “What’s really exciting about all of this [data] is that it has huge implications for how we interact with, and treat, other animals.”

Marc Bekoff is quoted in this interesting article which basically confirms what we've known all along - that animals are as bright as we think they are. That they DO experience "human-type" emotions and that our pet's health is influenced by the nature of their environment.

It seems quite obvious to me, but now it must be fact - 'cause science says so!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The evolution of the horsehuman relationship

Slowly the wheels turn, as evidence of our relationships with these timeless creatures continues to evolve. Horses have patiently waited for human beings to wake up and recognise their value.

That to be more horse-like is to finally have the courage to deepen the relationship we have with ourselves.

That to be more horse-like allows us to discover the freedom of living an authentic life.

That to be more horse-like, we can begin to experience true presence and the bliss of being...

I am so excited about being alive, on Earth now. To see the changes and feel the new energy as it shifts mindsets, making us question who we are. I too have been looking for answers to endless questions. So I am grateful that a horse led me to a place where I could fling myself down a path, eyes closed, guided by a sense of wonder and purpose, to arrive here now. All the painful steps along this journey have gotten me a place where I finally understand, and can guess what some of the answers to those questions might be.

That to be more horse-like is to be patient with those slow to understand.

That to be more horse-like is to be graceful and dignified...

Still so many lessons to be learned...

Labyrinth of Animal Remembrance

The Labyrinth of Animal Remembrance can be found at Satori Place of Healing & Enlightenment in Magaliesburg, South Africa. This unique healing centre caters for both animals and humans and is situated at the foothills of the Witwatersberg Mountains in a tranquil valley.

This stone labyrinth is dedicated to all God’s creatures, and is mainly walked by students attending the Animals: Our Soul Companions Workshop, which is taught at the centre. Participants paint the names of their animal companions who have crossed over, onto pebbles, and place them at an appropriate spot along the path as they walk. It is an unique and interactive manner of honouring their departed animals. Over time the names on the pebbles will weather and fade, just as the pain and loss of a beloved animal eases with time. Chunks of rose quartz crystals dominate the centre, for healing the heart and to symbolise the unconditional love we receive from our animal companions.

Over the years both Colleen and I have encountered many people who were grieving the loss of a beloved animal, so we created the labyrinth to assist them to find inner peace in their hearts and minds, assisting them to cope with their loss.

Labyrinths have existed for over 4000 years and can be found throughout the world. In medieval times, people undertook pilgrimages to distant lands, those unable to travel long distances walked the labyrinth found in some cathedrals instead. The spiralling designs of ancient labyrinths are thought to be inspired by nature and in keeping with the early earth religions were constructed from stones, pebbles, small trees, shrubs and even seashells.

The Labyrinth of Animal Remembrance is open to the public by appointment only.
Payment is in the form of a donation in aid of FOR A (friends of rescued animals) on the West Rand. To book an appointment you can contact Carol .

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Get the tissues

Anyone who followed the tragic events of Hurricane Katrina will never forget what they saw... Being subscribed to many newsletters and blogs – I read with mounting hysteria – of the unfolding animal welfare crises. I wondered how I would have coped, had I been stuck on the roof of my house with my three dogs. I wouldn't have gotten into any rescue craft without them, thats for sure! But that is what happened to so many people, already traumatised by the loss and devastation which surrounded them, when help arrived, they had to make the heart-breaking decision to leave without their animals. I couldn't bear the thought of that.

I choose not to read heroic animal tales, I can't bear the tragedy, even if there is a happy ending. In light of that, though, there are two books I can't wait to get hold of... Pawprints of Katrina includes nearly 200 heroic rescues, heartwarming reunions, and stories of selfless efforts of strangers brought together by a disaster to save animals at the Best Friends Animal Society triage center because their owners were unable to. You can watch the video clip here.

The other interesting book I discovered, was in the August issue of Animaltalk. Leaving Jack is a novel by South African author Gareth Crocker. It tells the story of a dog handler in Vietnam, who, at the end of the war, is faced with the realisation that he must leave Vietnam - without his dog!

"... a controversial new novel, entitled Leaving Jack, published in hardcover (Robert Hale Publishers: May, 2008) offers a fictional account of what a soldier endures after learning that the dog which served his platoon with such distinction in Vietnam, has been classified as 'surplus military equipment' by the US Government at the end of the conflict, and is ordered to be left behind.

Although Leaving Jack is a work of fiction, it is based on actual events at the end of the Vietnam War and was written to highlight the little-known plight of the Vietnam War Dogs."

Tear-jerker-stuff, but interesting how the impact of the human-animal bond has become a popular topic. These stories allow us to show our vulnerability and provide opportunities to explore compassion in ways that society has previously pooh-poohed.

Even better then, that Leaving Jack is penned by a man, who wrote this story in the company of his three dogs.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Welcome to our Animal Lover's Blog.

This is a place where we will document the work we do, classes we teach and animals we meet and come to love.

We, being Carol and Colleen Mulrooney - a mother and daughter team who happen to do what they love and love what they do. Both animal lovers, but working in different, yet related fields of animal well-being.

Carol is a Reiki Master and Animal Empath. Her healing path led her to including animals in her healing practice, at a time when there wasn't a lot of information available on animal healing. As her intuition grew, she was able to "see" what was ailing her animal and human clients. This grew into her Empath Readings - answering pressing questions pet owners had about their beloved companion animals.

Colleen Mulrooney was lucky enough to grow up in a family where animals played a central role. She rode ponies from a young age and was the family "vet" administering medication to all the "sick" pets. Scary maths and biology marks meant the idea of actually being a vet went out the window. Three years studying graphic design led her to exploring one of her passions – she started drawing friend's pets which evolved into her PetPawtraits. A troubled horse who didn't respond to traditional training led her down a path towards animal communication and a gentle training method which a sensitive Thoroughbred mare would respond to.

Eventually Carol and Colleen pooled their interests and developed a workshop titled Animals; Our Soul Companions. This has led them on a wonderful journey of discovery, learning themselves as the explored the world of animal healing and communication.

Here follows their stories and experiences - meant to inspire and awaken in you, the same sense of wonder which they have shared with workshop participants since 2004.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cool ditty 'bout cat hair...

Christine Kane sounds like a woman I have a lot in common with...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dog bed desires

As an artist/graphic designer/animal lover person, I'm always on the look-out for good looking pet products. I stumbled across Wren's super stylish home made doggie bed... I dream of a home filled with beautiful furniture, hand printed scatter cushions, and designer dogs draped lazily across a gorgeous couch...with a dog bed like this tucked out of the way. There is no dog hair in this fantasy... the probable reality is that Joe would probably shred my handmade efforts.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

addictive time-waster

Stunning photos, broken into puzzle pieces, put it back together against the clock - all courtesy of National Geographic