Saturday, September 8, 2007

Butterfly surprise

This is just a guess, but I'd probably be a better photographer if I took the time to read my camera's manual! A big part of me enjoys the delight and surprise of the 'happy accident,' as opposed the the 'happy snap.' Happy snaps are, to me, of the mindless point-and-shoot persuasion. I try to capture interesting angles and compositions; expressions and poses. When I'm called on to the the point and shoot thing, I try to make the pics look as interesting as possible.

I noticed this beautiful butterfly clinging to an old vegetable rack beneath the garden table. It snuck into the corner of my vision as I was on my way to the kitchen. I ran for my camera, got back, and it was still there. Gingerly, I pulled the rack out from under the table, hoping not to disturb this winged visitor. I'm guessing the poor butterfly felt threatened and exposed. Without calling too much attention to it, lest Jax or Jo decide to eat it, I zoomed in, closer and closer, until I got this shot. I love the juxtaposition of the grid's shadows superimposed over the velvety colours of the wings! And, the fact that I caught it, super sharp!

Such a delight, this butterfly was huge, biggest one I think I've ever seen.I pushed the rack back under the table and left him there. When I checked later, he was gone. What a lovely gift of spring. Lucky me!

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