Sunday, October 5, 2008

The evolution of the horsehuman relationship

Slowly the wheels turn, as evidence of our relationships with these timeless creatures continues to evolve. Horses have patiently waited for human beings to wake up and recognise their value.

That to be more horse-like is to finally have the courage to deepen the relationship we have with ourselves.

That to be more horse-like allows us to discover the freedom of living an authentic life.

That to be more horse-like, we can begin to experience true presence and the bliss of being...

I am so excited about being alive, on Earth now. To see the changes and feel the new energy as it shifts mindsets, making us question who we are. I too have been looking for answers to endless questions. So I am grateful that a horse led me to a place where I could fling myself down a path, eyes closed, guided by a sense of wonder and purpose, to arrive here now. All the painful steps along this journey have gotten me a place where I finally understand, and can guess what some of the answers to those questions might be.

That to be more horse-like is to be patient with those slow to understand.

That to be more horse-like is to be graceful and dignified...

Still so many lessons to be learned...

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Debbie said...

I can only hope to be so pure, honest and wise as a horse. Passionate about horses all my life, I never bothered, until now to ask why. I just knew how they made me feel; what they could give me in terms of immediate gratification. I agree that I have nothing to offer a horse except my friendship, but what exactly does that mean? Who am I that a horse would even want to be my friend?

Now that I'm asking these questions, perhaps my horsehuman relationship will indeed evolve.