Monday, January 19, 2009

Delicious birthday pressie

My li'l sis really does know how to shop for me...I stumbled across this image on the Net a few years back and used it as my desktop pic for a while, i loved it so much! I had no idea who the artist was... until I opened it on my birthday. She'd found this lovely old frame at the Rooftop market in Rosebank, after running around the mall all morning searching for one. They are the perfect match!

The print is "a reproduction of an original painting by Briar and Shannon Digby Curtis, two of England's leading mythological and fantasy artists..." I can't find a website for them, only tons of links where their work is showcased and sold.

This one is called Rhiannon a favourite horse goddess, of course. My interest in this character was probably fueled by my love of Stevie Nicks' brilliant song by the same name. Spine tingling, goosebump stuff!