Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The damage is done

Joe just chewed through my thermal stockings. It wasn't really a surprise as I'd already taken them away from him once this afternoon. The resulting tennis-ball-size hole renders them useless in the freezing cold weather we're experiencing in Jozi right now.

He has this thing with socks – carries them around in his mouth. At the beginning of winter he left a small hole in my long grey socks. Yes, I wear LONG socks in winter. I'm allergic to the cold and go to great lengths to convince my brain that my body is warm. Wearing long socks under my jeans is NOT super sexy, I know. Especially when BFB runs his hand up my leg, expecting the smooth, silky, shaven limb one expects to find, as illustrated by lady-razor tv ads. It does however, ensure that the object of his desire is not the same temperature as a forgotten pork chop stuck to the bottom of a vegetarian's freezer.

I'm not sure why my dog has a sock fetish. As a puppy he shredded some really important things - like my riding boots, the strap on my crash-cap, my NEW gloves and my favourite Bach Flower Remedies book. I thought he'd gotten over that, but clearly he hasn't.

It's not enough that my dog causes unnecessary damage - my glasses and cell phone have been through the ringer too. A couple of weeks back I made the mistake of leaving my jacket hanging on the fence behind which a mischievous pony was corralled. I'd had carrots in the pockets the night before, and she was making sure that there were none left. By the time someone noticed my jacket, the sleeve was on its way down her throat. I didn't think anything of it until I was walking home... when I put my hand in the pocket, I noticed the unmistakable grass-green gobby sleeve. With a sinking feeling I extracted my glasses and phone from the mess... Glasses were in two pieces and the phone – well, it still works, but the screen was crunched by some heavy duty horse teeth.

BFB came to the rescue, yet again. He popped the lens back into their frame and gave me his spare R200 replacement phone. I'm guessing he's glad the stockings were made redundant and probably wont be replacing those anytime soon.


Chester said...

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm here to congratulate you on your Golden Hydrant award. I am a follower of Life with Dogs and see that you are a worthy recipient of this coveted award. ;0=)
Mom requires much warm clothing herself and sees nothing wrong with long socks under jeans. A big man-size pair of insulated boots completes her winter outfits.
I am a thief of all things human myself. Keeps my 2 leggers on their toes tryin' to keep everything neat and tidy and out of my reach. Hard to do seein's how I have quite a long body.
Mom says she thinks you have a very cool job getting paid to do an animal related job.

Congrats again on the award.
See ya 'round,
Chester ;0=)

Chester said...

Hi again! I saw you visited me and thanked me for the Golden Hydrant award. Did not mean to confuse you but the award is actually given by LifeWithDogs, I was just congratulating you on it.
Just want to make sure they get the credit and not me. (I am a previous winner myself)
Anwyay, it got me over to your site again, so what could be wrong with that??
Chester ;0=)